We’re changing…

Change is good, right? Well I really like to think so.

Today marks a change in Peter Rhys Design’s timeline.

We are still offering the same great design services we always have. We’re just re-focusing and are now specialising in specific areas (I’ll come to those in a minute).

Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t, there has to be more to them than just sheer chance. Surely? When we were planning this new chapter, I never noticed the significance of todays date!

My wife, Becci, pointed out to me (as all good wives like to do), that on this day exactly 3 years ago, I also made a big life change.


It was when I officially launched PRD full-time. I quit my 9 – 5 Marketing Managers job and dived full-on, headfirst into the world of freelance design.

After all, I had years of experience in design and marketing roles, successfully producing a wide range of work in different mediums for varying sectors. What could go wrong if I did this for myself?

I was going to be my own boss, make a ton of money, work extremely flexible hours and have extensive amounts of time to spend with my family.

So fast-forward 3 years on, how did that work out for me?

To cut a long story short: it worked out ok but it wasn’t exactly like the fairy-tale job I had made it out to be in my head.

Did I become my own boss? Yes.

Did I work flexible hours to suit me & my family? Yes.

Did I continue to produce good client designs? Yes.

Did I make the tons of money I thought I would? No.

Was the first year the most stressful time of my 30 years on this planet? YES!

Even though I did achieve some of the initial goals I set out for myself, it all came down to money. I did well to land some short-term contracts and consultant work but this took a hit on the freelance design services.

This down-turn however, forced me into seeking a temporary but full-time contract with a local company so that I could guarantee a regular monthly income and keep my freelance dreams alive.

So I kept Peter Rhys Design ticking over with work from existing clients while I worked for someone else

This time allowed me to regroup my thoughts and reflect on the things I could have done differently.

It also presented me with the opportunity to try out new design and marketing techniques on a much larger scale, including organic search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns.

I’d always been in touch with the latest SEO trends and techniques, but I always utilised this knowledge to optimise my websites and designs onsite. I then used a third party to do the off-site side of SEO for me, such as link building and content marketing.

The freedom to do all of this myself paid off big time.

Taking my experience in design and marketing, and coupling that with my SEO knowledge I managed to help improve the company’s invoiced online sales by 154% in 12 months. Did you read that?! 154%!!

A new custom Magento website theme design and SEO was all that was required to make this a success. There was no ‘black magic’ involved, just simple marketing and design principles executed well.

And that leads me back to today.

This online success story, coupled with some other great results for local businesses has shown me exactly what Peter Rhys Design should specialise in.

Yes, being a ‘Jack of all trades’ worked for a while.

But being able to focus my attention on specific and related tasks really showed me the kind of results I could achieve through my experience and knowledge.

So, Peter Rhys Design now specialises in WordPress and Magento websites for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

We now offer a streamlined service where we will initially help brand your business where required. We’ll closely work with you to understand your business and customers, then design and develop a website that will engage your visitors, and convert those in to customers, subscribers, or whatever the goal for your site will be.

The other digital and print design services we will still offer as add-ons or extras to help your marketing efforts and we’ll happily work with you on those projects, delivering the same commitment and quality we always have.

We’re just refocusing and I think it will benefit you and us, helping both our businesses to grow.

So, please get in touch via email, Facebook or Twitter and I’ll happily discuss with you how Peter Rhys Design can help your business flourish.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

– Peter

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